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Everything You Need To Know About Capricorn

Updated: May 11

Capricorn Sun

These people are selective when it comes to relationships and impulse moves are not their style. They are hardworking and mature and have tons of self-discipline. They have the potential to do well out of investments and are money minded. They may have problems letting loose at times and do not like to share their feelings. They have a strong sense of privacy and are not comfortable with emotional displays. This placement suggests they are attracted to well connected, accomplished partners and that fooling around is not their style. They have a reserved exterior that hides any insecurities and may be judgmental but loyal. This is an excellent placement for career success but they can become depressed at times. They try to rationalize their feelings and this gives the impression of sometimes being cold and unapproachable.

Capricorn Moon

These people can be reserved and appear remote in emotional expression. They thrive on challenges and are always plotting their next move to ensure success. They are cautious with feelings and give the impression of being aloof but also have a good but dry sense of humor. This is a good placement for anyone involved in business. They may be more susceptible to depression than other people but they shoulder their responsibilities and are ambitious and hardworking. Home ownership is likely to be important to them and they are a fan of rules and structured routine.

Capricorn Mercury

This is the placement of a realistic thinker who has lots of logic and common sense. They are great at anything involving planning and organisation and are methodical and systematic in their approach to problem solving. They have the ability to focus but can be too rigid or pessimistic. They are a serious individual with a talent for facts and the ability to communicate clearly.

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Capricorn Venus

You make a loyal friend and lover but are careful and cautious with matters of the heart. You take relationships seriously and value commitment and honesty. You are responsible and serious with strong values but can be insecure and afraid of getting hurt. You may have issues showing your real emotions but are likely to be very sensual in private. You may fall for somebody either older or younger with this placement or you may marry for financial stability. You are a hard worker with a common sense approach to money and possessions.

Capricorn Mars

These people are motivated and ambitious with financial security of the utmost importance. They are likely to be determined and conservative with respect for tradition and authority. They have good energy and make a natural leader. They have a cool and collected approach when angry but can be nasty if they get worked up. They are determined to achieve and function well in high risk or dangerous situations and emergencies.

Capricorn Jupiter

This placement indicates the person is ambitious and determined and that financial wealth is of great importance. They are patient and responsible and have excellent leadership potential. They dedicate themselves to a relationship and are of the highest integrity. They have both high moral standards and the drive to succeed. They have an honest, realistic approach to finances and are likely to be conservative and traditional in relationships.

Capricorn Saturn

This placement suggests a discipline, determined hard worker with leadership ability and a conservative approach. They may put work before family at times and be more prone to depression than most. This is an excellent placement for career advancement and they will advance slowly, putting in years of effort to achieve their goals.

Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are generational influences and will not be interpreted here

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