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Everything You Need To Know About Cancer Astrology Placements

Updated: Apr 1

Sun in Cancer

This placement suggests a need for committed relationships and indicates a person who takes break ups particular bad. These people are good with children but can be clingy or oversensitive. They have a great nurturing instinct and fantastic inner strength. They may be home loving and sentimental and not a fan of risk taking behavior

Moon in Cancer

This placement suggests a person who is shy when it comes to expressing emotions but who has strong emotional ties to home and loved ones. They are warm, loving and protective and have a strong need for both relationship and job security. They may have a good imagination and be creative in some way. They can be moody and sentimental at times and prone to worry about everything.

Mercury in Cancer

They may have a fertile imagination and this placement indicates a sensitive and empathetic personality. They may have a good memory but be prone to day dreams. They have a kind and caring nature but decisions are probably influenced by emotions.

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Venus in Cancer

This placement suggests a person who is sensitive, loyal, thoughtful and easily hurt. They may want close physical contact and are motivated by a desire to feel secure. They may be lucky in money matters and are likely to be a good saver. This is a good placement for business concerns. Sometimes they may be moody or over sensitive and clingy but also kind and sympathetic.

Mars in Cancer

This placement suggests a hard worker who has the ability to get what they want. They may find it difficult to remain objective in challenging situations and have a problem with built up frustration. They may bury emotions or have problems with moods. They can be sensitive and possessive.

Jupiter in Cancer

This placement is good for anyone in a position of authority, writing or real estate. It suggests luck surrounds the home and family matters and that tie to loved ones are close and supportive. Home life and family is likely to be number one on the priority list and they have good money making ability and an open heart, forgiving and protective personality. People with this placement usually make excellent parents.

Saturn in Cancer

This placement indicates a strong need for security and a formal commitment from a partner. It sometimes suggests a difficult childhood and some form of depression or a parent who was cold. They may have had a demanding upbringing. It’s likely they will have a strong desire for children. They need financial security and this is a good placement for making money. Real estate is a particular good investment. They may hide emotions through a tough outer shell.

As Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are considered generational influences they will not be interpreted at this time.

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