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Everything You Need to Know About Aquarius

Updated: May 11

Aquarius Sun

This person may have an unconventional personality and could potentially be rebellious just for the sake of it. They are fair and friendly but hard to understand. This is not an emotional placement and they may find it difficult to fall in love, it may also take a while for them to find the ideal job. They will do anything to ease boredom but are original with a live and let live attitude. They may have a tendency to go over budget but have the ability to attract partners but may have problems relating to them. They need freedom in a relationship and may make financially risky decisions.

Aquarius Moon

These people have magnetic appeal but may not want to get too close to people. They can sometimes be defensive and are unpredictable with the ability to shock people. They have an original mind and may ooze confidence. Their approach to situations is likely to be cool, calm and collected and it’s likely they find it easy to attract potential partners. They could be reserved but come across as friendly but distant. They may be hard to get close too and attracted to unattainable people.

Aquarius Mercury

This placement makes them observant and suggests they don’t miss anything. They may have abstract ideas and are likely to be original and unorthodox. They may take the scientific approach to problem solving but come across as friendly in their relations with other people. They have a unique, inspirational way about them and this placement suggests they are clever and open minded.

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Aquarius Venus

They may appear friendly but aloof towards others and friendship is likely to be an important factor in any relationship. Their attitude towards relationships may be unconventional or they may attract unusual people. They need a certain amount of freedom in a relationship and it is difficult to completely capture their heart. They are original., helpful, cool, calm and collected. They may have erratic spending patterns.

Aquarius Mars

This is a good placement as it suggests somebody who is not afraid to experiment with new ideas. This placement suggests they are future orientated with good morals but will need independence, both in relationships and at work. They may be stubborn and it’s likely they have an unconventional way of doing things. They have good concentration but may be distant emotionally. They likely have innovative ideas but may be prone to tension or stress.

Aquarius Jupiter

They are likely tolerant yet unpredictable. They may be stubborn but they value people and may be interested in anything involving social reform. They are likely innovative and open minded with good mental energy. They have excellent leadership qualities and make a great friend. They are independent but friendly and open to new ideas. You may be easily bored.

Aquarius Saturn

This placement suggests they need to be the boss in work situations. It suggests they are friendly and disciplined and indicates good ideas and strong values. They are likely to be helpful and original and their problem solving approach is to think with the head, not the heart. They may hide certain aspects of your personality from others.

As Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are considered to be generational rather than individual influences they will not be interpreted here.

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