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Every Single Thing You Need To Know About Gemini

Updated: Apr 1

Gemini Sun:

This placement suggests a person who is lively and communicative but also high strung, independent and unemotional. They may love gossip and tell lies but have the ability to bluff their way through anything. They are very social and likely to be up for a chat with anyone, at any time. They may have a curious, fickle personality that is fun loving but inconsistent. They probably multi task well and have a certain charm. They may be reluctant to make a formal commitment and do not need an emotional connection with partners. It’s likely they don’t spend a lot of time at home and you are the life of the party in social situations.

Gemini Moon:

This placement suggests a good communicator but who may have a hard time admitting it when they are wrong. It suggests a person who always finds a way around problems and can be restless with a need for change and variety. They are usually friendly and articulate quick to laugh and talkative but with a nervous or high strung personality.

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Gemini Mercury:

This placement indicates a fast mind and witty communication skills. This placement suggests that staying focused may be a challenge as the person finds it easy to get distracted. They are likely to be easily bored and conversation may drift from one topic to the next. They are smart, perceptive and persuasive and have the ability to juggle a lot of interests at once. They are rational and great at managing multiple projects at once.

Gemini Venus

This placement indicates a person who has a way with words and the ability to chat up anyone. They may be a big flirt and give in to the temptation to take on more than one lover at a time. It’s likely that they are attracted to smart people but their affections are easily swayed. They may not be the biggest fan of commitment as change and variety excites them. They may have multiple partners and if a relationship is going to work , it needs to be with someone they consider a close friend. They are likely to be sociable, popular and emotionally objective. This is a good placement for business but not for saving money.

Gemini Mars

This placement suggests a quick mind and high energy. It suggests someone who is versatile and a great communicator but can be argument at times. They may be restless and flighty and irritable but will be loads of fun and make a good problems solver. They are likely to be quick to act and resourceful but may jump to conclusions.

Gemini Jupiter

This placement indicates a restless nature with frequent life changes. They are likely to be clever and multiskilled and charming. They attract favorable situations and this is a good placement for lots of travel. Their concentration efforts may be scattered.

Gemini Saturn:

This placement indicates a good concentration level and suggests logical thinking and problem solving. The person is observant and likely to be good at communication and planning. This is an excellent placement for any career involving communication or working with hands. They have an articulate, active mind and a smart, serious attitude.

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As the signs in Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered to be generational rather than individual influences they will not be interpreted at this point.

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