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Every Single Thing You EVER Need to Know About Taurus

Taurus Sun:

People with this placement can be prone to jealousy and are known to be insensitive at times. They may have a temper but are productive with a strong need for romantic and financial security. They tend to feel comfortable in a stable and secure routine but can be possessive at times. They may be happy to follow the leader and others likely see them as quiet and gentle. This is an excellent placement for making money and they make a loyal friend that can be counted on. They are likely to be consistent, methodical and dedicated, disciplined and orderly with a lot of common sense.

Taurus Moon

Emotions are likely to be steady and this placement suggests a calming influence on others. Emotional needs are focused on security and these people are considered trustworthy, loyal and affectionate. They might have a love of comfort and a stubborn streak. Reactions are likely to be slow and sensible and they may prefer routine. Once they marry, they commit for life. Others see them as charming and faithful and they are likely practical with a conventional outlook.

Taurus Mercury

This mind works slow but steady and has good concentration and memory. These people are patient with good common sense and this placement suggests a practical mind that is good with finance. The speech and communication may be deliberate, thoughtful and sensible and they are a difficult person to argue with. They are likely to always be prepared and have good follow through.

Taurus Venus

This placement suggests a person who is warm, affectionate and loving. They are a romantic and love and commitment is a high priority for them. They like to feel secure in relationships but need to be careful of falling into a predictable and dull romantic rut once committed. They want a lasting partnership and can take break ups particularly bad. Home life is likely to be particularly important to them.

Taurus Mars

This placement suggests a passionate, romantic lover with powerful energy and sexual stamina. When they commit to a person it is forever. When it comes to work they are persistent and chart a steady course towards career goals. They have lots of determination and a slow and steady approach but can be stubborn. They may have a temper.

Taurus Jupiter

This is an excellent placement for finance suggesting a common sense attitude and practical vision. An abundance of money flows towards this person and investments grow steadily. They have sound judgment and understand possessions and their value.

Taurus Saturn

This placement suggests someone cautious and patient with lots of common sense. They are practical when it comes to financial matters and have excellent perseverance. They are a hard worker and could be frugal with finances. They are determined and responsible with excellent follow through.

As Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered generational rather than individual influences they will not be interpreted at this time.

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