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Cancer Love Match

Cancer/Aries – Cancer is co-dependent, Aries independent so these signs are not a match made in heaven as a general rule of thumb. The other potential issue is that Aries can be selfish at times, while (again a general rule) Cancer is mostly selfless. This relationship may see Cancer give everything to Aries who gives little in return.

Cancer/Taurus – This relationship can be a good arrangement. Cancer feels secure with Taurus, and Taurus appreciates Cancer’s stability. These two are both homebodies at heart that hold similar values and share a love of comfort.

Cancer/Gemini – The two major issues with this pairing are that Gemini has a love of socialising and Cancer has a love of staying home. If Cancer is happy with this arrangement, it can work however Gemini’s flirty nature can bring to the surface all Cancer’s insecurities.

Cancer/Cancer – As with all sign on sign interactions, these two have excellent compatibility, a natural understanding of each other and similar values and interests. The issue with sign on sign relationships is that sometimes these signs are so alike; the relationship becomes more brother/sister dynamic than passionate fireworks. It will depend on the couples other signs and the aspects they make as to how this relationship pans out.

Cancer/Leo – These two have very different tastes and styles. Leo is usually extraverted, outgoing, flashy, and flamboyant and the life of the party, Cancer is usually introverted and happy to work behind the scenes. In theory this could work with the two coming together as two halves of a whole. In reality, Leo’s flashy lifestyle usually sends Cancer running back into their shell.

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Cancer/Virgo – This is usually a good match. Cancer is a water sign and Virgo belongs to the Earth element. Earth and Water pairings usually complement each other. Virgo represents safety and security for Cancer. The only real issue here is for the couple to become hermits as they both tend to be introverted and neither a big player on the party scene.

Cancer/Libra – This relationship can cause stress to the faithful cancer as Libra is one of the flirtiest signs of the Zodiac. More often than not this is just Libra’s style and doesn’t indicate any infidelity but for Cancer who traditionally doesn’t flirt at all, this can cause stress over how stable the relationship really is.

Cancer/Scorpio – Both these signs belong to the element of Water so they have a natural understanding and empathy for each other. Both signs value honesty, commitment and fidelity so they have groundwork for a relationship.

Cancer/Sagittarius – The number one issue here is that Cancer values the safe and familiar and doesn’t enjoy getting out of their comfort zone. Sagittarius, on the other hand, craves excitement, adventure and the unknown. These two have conflicting life directions.

Cancer/Capricorn – This is a classic love match. Both signs share a healthy appreciation for rules and guidelines. They also share similar values and are usually headed in the same life direction. The only issue is that Capricorn is ruled by the head and Cancer by the heart which can cause some emotional tension.

Cancer/Aquarius – these two have completely different values and needs. Aquarius needs freedom more than any other sign and Cancer needs to feel secure. Freedom and security rarely go hand in hand. The other issue is that Aquarius loves change and thrives on it, but Cancer (as long as they are happy where they are) wants things to stay the same.

Cancer/Pisces – If only all Zodiac signs blended like these two do, the world would be a completely different place. Both these signs want to make the world a better place, have big dreams, are empathetic, crave peace and security and have oodles of compassion. These two get each other and really are the perfect match.

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