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Best Match For Gemini

Updated: Mar 21

Gemini Romance Guide

Gemini/Aries – A good match on lots of levels. Both are freedom loving and “get” each other. Gemini is an Air sign and Aries is a Fire sign, so if you combine these two you will end up with flames of the passion variety.

Gemini/Taurus – As a general rule Gemini is too freedom loving for the steady Taurus. The other potential issue is that Gemini loves to spend money and Taurus loves to save it.

Gemini/Gemini – As with all sign on sign matches, these guys have loads in common and good compatibility. It’s a hit or miss match though because sometimes people of the same sign are too much alike and never get past the friendship level.

Gemini/Cancer – This match can work but has a number of hidden issues. Gemini is the social butterfly of the Zodiac and Cancer the homebody, so unless Cancer is ok with Gemini constantly being out and about, it can be a hard relationship to maintain.

Gemini/Leo – This is another Fire/Air match with plenty of sizzle. Both these signs have a sense of humor and like to be the life of the party. They love to socialize and enjoy being surrounded by other people. The only issue is that together they may drive each other to excess with social engagements or alcohol indulgence.

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Gemini/Virgo – Both these signs are ruled by Mercury so they should have a lot to talk about, but that’s where the compatibility of these two ends. Gemini is too lively for the sensible Virgo and Virgo too much of a rule follower for the rule breaking Gemini.

Gemini/Libra – These two signs both belong to the element of Air so they have a natural understanding of each other. They are both sociable and engaging and are the two biggest flirts of the Zodiac. It’s plenty of fun when these signs get together.

Gemini/Scorpio – There are plenty of difference here with Scorpio deep and mysterious and Gemini light and breezy. Scorpio likes to keep any real feelings hidden while Gemini sometimes has foot in mouth disease. Scorpio has deep emotions, which may be too deep for the breezy Gemini.

Gemini/Sagittarius – This is a good match as both signs are freedom loving and need plenty of space. It’s another Fire/Air combination that is sure to generate flames.

Gemini/Capricorn – Capricorn sets the rules and Gemini breaks them. Capricorn may lack tolerance and patience with the flighty Gemini while Gemini may find the conservative Capricorn a tad boring. As a general rule, Gemini lacks the stability that Capricorn craves.

Gemini/Aquarius – This is a positive match. Both signs have a good understanding of each other and a lot in common. They have a good mental rapport and are both social. Neither of these signs likes to get bogged down with emotional baggage so they suit each other.

Gemini/Pisces – In a nutshell, Pisces craves stability and security above all else and Gemini needs freedom to breath and likes to live on the edge. You can see the problem here!

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