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Astrology Aspects to Mercury Meanings


Here is your comprehensive guide to aspects in Astrology - specifically aspects to Mercury. For the sake of these interpretations Positive refers to trines and sextiles, Negative to squares and oppositions unless otherwise stated.

Mercury conjunct Sun

This aspect suggests the relationship will share a fine mental and creative communication and should be filled with good humor and plenty of talking!

Exchanging ideas and learning together will be easy. There is potential for a good business partnership as well but will need care in defining goals and overcoming impatience.

Mercury conjunct Moon

This aspect suggests a vibrant and intelligent relationship. Feelings will be expressed and lines of communication will be open to provide a positive base for an easy exchange of needs and thoughts. There will be plenty of variety and creativity to keep this relationship alive.

Mercury positive Moon

This placement suggests a positive and fun relationship. Logical resolutions will be found if issues threaten. A happy family life can be anticipated

Mercury negative Moon

This placement suggests a moody and difficult relationship, as one partner may be prone to communication and confidence problems. Nagging or a sarcastic attitude could provide further negative aspects.

Mercury conjunct Venus

This placement suggests a vibrant and fun relationship. One partner may tend to avoid difficult situations but a logical discussion will help avoid this, as they will be more acceptable to talking rather than dramatic scenes. There should be plenty of social life and a willingness to share creative pursuits such as writing, can make for a fulfilling relationship.

Mercury positive Venus

This aspect suggests potential for an enriching and creative relationship. A tendency by one partner to ensure a diplomatic approach will help maintain the romance Humour and talking things through should help resolve any issues.

Mercury conjunct Mars

This aspect suggest a rather stormy relationship at times, particularly if one partner is tends to follow their own path too rigorously or hold onto grudges. Good communication skills between both will help steer this relationship to an interesting and adventurous pathway.

Mercury negative Mars

This aspect indicates a careful approach to ensure peace and harmony remains important and is not sidetracked by one partner’s impetuous actions. Any criticism or sarcasm should be quickly put down before it impacts in a negative way. Too much nervous verbal energy needs to be offset with more practical activities.

Mercury positive Mars

This aspect adds plenty of intelligence and enthusiasm if both can keep up with high-pressure job commitments and a craving for new adventures. Creative pursuits, such as writing can add to a shared connection.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

This aspect suggests a stimulating relationship. Travel and foreign languages are indicated. This favors intellectual and well-educated communication. However, care needs to be taken to ensure both stay ‘grounded’ and not get carried away with big ideas or overwork.

Mercury positive Jupiter

This aspect suggests the option of meeting of the minds, as there is good intelligence and suggestion of higher education careers. Strong communications skills will thrive here and there is an air of a successful life and harmonious life together. Care needs to taken that one partner does not allow a stronger personality to overshadow their needs.

Mercury negative Jupiter

This aspect can indicate a roller-coaster ride for a relationship. Lack of attention to detail, and taking on too many projects may cause a few dramas. Care is needed to make sure any ventures are jointly discussed.

Mercury conjunct Saturn

This aspect indicates a relationship that can become too caught up in logic and caution. While these are positive traits, they can bring too much worry. A lighter attitude may be needed at times to avid depression. However, individual or joint dreams can come true because a practical and organisational attitude will be present.

Mercury positive Saturn

This aspect indicates the potential for a stable and successful relationship. A steady focus, hard work and an inclusion of higher education could provide solid material rewards to make life comfortable together. Understanding may be needed to overcome the long hours that may impact. A sensitive approach should help overcome any small insecurities.

Mercury negative Saturn

This aspect suggests some communication problems that will need sensitive attention. One partner may even suffer from severe nervous or depressive issues that could result in a speech impediment. Unfortunately hard work may be the key word in this relationship to get to the worthwhile attributes.

Mercury conjunct Uranus

This aspect adds originality and forward thinking about the relationship. Together you may be more open to experimenting and consulting astrology for guidance. Talents may open up new way to share experiences. This relationship will be original and different to anything else you both may have had previously.

Mercury positive Uranus

This is an excellent placement for a highly unusual and creative relationship. Thinking outside the square will be required! Don’t look for a nine-to-five routine together, but be prepared for a house full of high-tech toys and lots of visitors who will be drawn to the dynamic energy.

Mercury negative Uranus

This aspect suggests a relationship with unconventional behavior and with a few risks attached. One partner may need to rein in the other’s rebellious attitude to avoid disaster. On the other hand, conservative ideas may get a shake up and boundaries may be broken.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

This aspect suggests a delicate and rather dreamy relationship that may need to balance with some common sense. There can be plenty of shared creativity but attention to detail will help avoid unhappy consequences.

Mercury positive Neptune

This aspect suggests a relationship that could thrive, as consideration for others will be present. Creative partners may bring painting, astrology or writing talents for an enriching experience.

Mercury negative Neptune

This aspect adds imagination but may indicate suppressed talent or a hard time finding focus. Your thinking may be clouded by feelings or you may be afraid to confront trouble. You may tell white lies or suffer from drug or alcohol related issues. Sometimes this aspect suggests epilepsy or asthma. You may have creative talent and brilliant ideas. You are likely to be original but could also be forgetful.

Mercury conjunct Pluto

This aspect suggests an open and straightforward relationship. It is likely one partner will drive it forward by refusing to let problems remain unsolved. There may be a degree of venturing into taboo areas but generally it will be a strong base to build on.

Mercury positive Pluto

This aspect suggests the basis will be in place for a well-balanced and interesting relationship. Promises should be kept and goals can be obtained with success. A tempering hand may be needed to curb a judgmental attitude.

Mars negative Pluto

This aspect suggests a relationship that may react to the often negative attitude of one partner who withdraws and refuses to communicate. Outbursts may result causing the atmosphere to be one of distrust and violence.

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