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Aspects to Venus in Love Astrology

Updated: May 10

Aspects to Venus

For the sake of this interpretation only negative refers to Squares and Oppositions and positive refers to Trines and Sextiles.

Sun conjunct Venus

This aspect indicates a warm and fulfilling relationship, with each partner bringing out the best in the other. A good sense of harmony draws others to you both and attracts good fortune. A shared love of people provides a “guardian angel” placement to help in avoiding accident or illness. There is a need to encourage each other not to procrastinate in order to take advantage of the many enjoyments, including a love of family, awaiting this relationship.

Moon conjunct Venus

This aspect suggests a romantic and indulgent relationship filled with passion and a dedication to love. Care is needed to control spending in the name of pleasure and love!

Loyalty and devotion will play a big part in maintaining this delightful relationship

Moon positive Venus

This aspect indicates all the romance and pleasure of a perfect relationship. Expect lavish affection and romantic settings. Natural exchanges of love will make this an easy and comfortable relationship.

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Moon negative Venus

This placement suggests a relationship that may start with great declarations of love but may falter when high expectations are not met. Emotional commitment may be sidetracked when one partner descends into a moody space or becomes flirty. There is a risk that blaming a family member’s childhood control may prevent a commitment being made here.

Mercury conjunct Venus

This placement suggests a vibrant and fun relationship. One partner may tend to avoid difficult situations but a logical discussion will help avoid this, as they will be more acceptable to talking rather than dramatic scenes. There should be plenty of social life and a willingness to share creative pursuits such as writing, can make for a fulfilling relationship.

Mercury positive Venus

This aspect suggests potential for an enriching and creative relationship. A tendency by one partner to ensure a diplomatic approach will help maintain the romance Humour and talking things through should help resolve any issues.

Venus conjunct Mars

This aspect adds a very fast and immediate sense of romance to a relationship with caution sometimes thrown to the wind. It may border into a sexual one if care is not take to realise that a real connection maybe underneath all the passion and charisma!

Venus positive Mars

This aspect adds a lively and vibrant energy to a relationship. If both respond to happy flirting and a sexy charisma, a lovely and loving relationship can develop. A young marriage may result with excellent potential for long term success

Venus negative Mars

These aspects can provide superficial appeal in a relationship but may not translate well into true romance. Confusion about stability or direction can lead to anger and aggression. Money and impulse spending can add another stormy sea to this partnership.

Venus conjunct Jupiter

This aspect indicates a lucky and warm relationship. There will be fun and parties, yet a great match with solid loyalty could be expected.

Venus positive Jupiter

This aspect indicates a meeting of the ‘soulmate’ and an easygoing relationship. Friendships and good luck are part of this charming relationship.

Venus negative Jupiter

This aspect can indicate a relationship with some drama and the potential for one partner to be quite deceptive. The relationship will need to combat too much spending and laziness but there will be affection and artistic elements to keep things interesting.

Venus conjunct Saturn

This aspect may result in communication and sexual weaknesses. It will require a mature understanding of problems. However, it indicates there is also great potential that these can be overcome because of patience and loyalty.

Venus positive Saturn

This aspect indicates a very powerful and committed relationship. Responsibility and loyalty will be high priority resulting in long term marriages There maybe early financial struggles but the ability to overcome will help the relationship enjoy financial security later on.

Venus negative Saturn

This aspect can indicate a relationship fraught with difficult personal attitudes towards romance. Fear of rejection or loneliness may cause one partner to just accept a relationship out of duty rather than give themselves fully. A partner may be needed with a more mature and sensitive attitude to make this relationship work. There may be problems with pregnancy.

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Venus conjunct Uranus

This aspect adds elements of excitement and freedom to the relationship. There maybe a sense of sexual freedom and untraditional behavior. Exotic partners are likely and commitment issues may need to be addressed as will finance. however, there will be drama and love at first sight for many.

Venus Positive Uranus

This aspect adds charm and great communication to the relationship. There should be lots of socalising with friends who will be attracted to this high-spirited union. There maybe lots of flirting but could lead to a young and very romantic marriage. Care maybe need with finances.

Venus negative Uranus

This aspect adds sexy charm but also serious negative actions into the relationship. Care is needed not rush into an unsuitable early marriage with a harsh or dominate partner. This indicates domestic violence could occur. Money issue could add fuel to a fiery situation which could also fail to find a stable direction.

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Venus conjunct Neptune

This aspect attracts really dreamy romance. Loyalty and devotion are the stuff dreams are made of here as well as sensitive attention to needs. True love could run smooth except beware of drugs or alcohol issues.

Venus positive Neptune

This is a true romance aspect with devotion and kindness working to make the relationship a success. Mutual attraction of well-matched partners suggests this is truelove. The relationship could flourish with financial security as well.

Venus negative Neptune

This aspect can bring dissatisfaction and a susceptibility to fall for an unsuitable but charming partner. Care is needed to guard financial security in this relationship against overspending or theft. The relationship runs the risk of secrets or unfaithfulness as one partner may be prone to falling in love too easily. There may be a hidden drug or alcohol issues and pregnancy problems.

Venus conjunct Pluto

This aspect suggests a passionate relationship with a lot of effort put into making it work. However, there is a deeper and darker side filled with jealousy and manipulation. Erotic sex may be combined with dominance and the fine line between a love-hate relationship is often broken in a negative manner. Finances need to be treated with caution in order to not add more fuel to this already smoldering relationship.

Venus positive Pluto

This aspect indicates love at first sight with the right romantic partner. It will improve all the time and will enjoy mutual trust and respect and an intense, unbreakable commitment. There is real strength here with strong sexual drives.

Venus negative Pluto

This aspect can prompt the intrusion of past relationship as one partner may find it hard to let go. There could be passions that are out of control and lead to difficult problems with sex and a painful breakup. Often this relationship is made up of couples are really not that well suited. Power struggles and abuse issues may dominate and negative the often very deep feelings that may be present.

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