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Aspects to Uranus in the Astrology Relationship Chart

Updated: May 10


Sun conjunct Uranus

This aspect indicates a relationship that is not based on conservative outlooks! There will be a sense of freedom and both partners will explore original career pathways, which will add an exciting and never boring dimension to the relationship. There maybe a few trust and commitment issues to overcome.

Sun negative Uranus

This aspect suggests a relationship that will thrive on extreme adrenalin. Breaking rules and seeking relief from boring routines will add fire. However, trust issues may arise and discipline may be needed to bring everything back into focus to bring closeness.

Sun positive Uranus

This aspect indicates a very original and creative relationship. The focus will be on enjoying life without being tied to the shackles of convention. You will enjoy exploring and setting trends together and will attract many friends to your home. A happy marriage between like-minded free spirits is anticipated.

Moon conjunct Uranus

This placement adds restlessness to relationships. Commitment issues are likely to feature. However, it seems to promise adventure and new experiences.

Moon negative Uranus

This aspect indicates a relationship filled with twists and turns that will leave both partners wondering what sort of emotional roller coaster they are on! It will not be bound by convention and one partner may be left breathless trying to keep up with the other’s need for adrenalin. Unfortunately, moods and tension may make this relationship stay on a downturn.

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Moon positive Uranus

This placement suggests a relationship filled with lots of adventure with life on the move. Good emotional understanding can be expected

Mercury conjunct Uranus

This aspect adds originality and forward thinking about the relationship. Together you may be more open to experimenting and consulting astrology for guidance. Talents may open up new way to share experiences. This relationship will be original and different to anything else you both may have had previously.

Mercury positive Uranus

This is an excellent placement for a highly unusual and creative relationship. Thinking outside the square will be required! Don’t look for a nine-to-five routine together, but be prepared for a house full of high-tech toys and lots of visitors who will be drawn to the dynamic energy.

Mercury negative Uranus

This aspect suggests a relationship with unconventional behavior and with a few risks attached. One partner may need to rein in the other’s rebellious attitude to avoid disaster. On the other hand, conservative ideas may get a shake up and boundaries may be broken.

Venus conjunct Uranus

This aspect adds elements of excitement and freedom to the relationship. There maybe a sense of sexual freedom and untraditional behavior. Exotic partners are likely and commitment issues may need to be addressed as will finance. however, there will be drama and love at first sight for many.

Venus Positive Uranus

This aspect adds charm and great communication to the relationship. There should be lots of socalising with friends who will be attracted to this high-spirited union. There maybe lots of flirting but could lead to a young and very romantic marriage. Care maybe need with finances.

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Venus negative Uranus

This aspect adds sexy charm but also serious negative actions into the relationship. Care is needed not rush into an unsuitable early marriage with a harsh or dominate partner. This indicates domestic violence could occur. Money issue could add fuel to a fiery situation which could also fail to find a stable direction.

Mars positive Uranus This aspect suggests impulse and a positive energy. The relationship will be open and inspirational to both. There maybe a clash between commitment and freedom, but the newness of the connection maybe enticing. One partner will inspire the other to live in the moment and not to be so cautious.

Mars negative Uranus

This aspect suggests staying true to your self even when involved. This means this relationship may be up for all sorts of risks and adventures without restraint from the other.

A need for excitement may takeover from attending to projects that should be completed resulting in frustration for the other partner. Care should be taken not to tolerate a bad temper and to request pleasant communication.

Mars conjunct Uranus

This aspect adds a dynamic energy to a relationship. It certainly won’t be boring with a tendency to go wild! However, without too much pressure, the relationship can be exciting particularly in exploring sexual ways. Convention won’t be a big part of this relationship and a constant need for excitement will ensure an interesting time.

Your life may be out of the ordinary in some way.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus

This aspect indicates an exciting and unrestrained relationship. There will be a desire to challenge boredom and travel will feature, will lucky opportunities occurring at just the right time. It is likely this relationship will involve unusual people and will be open to a more unconventional union.

Jupiter negative Uranus

This is the aspect of highs and lows coming into a relationship with odd behavior and unrealistic expectations surfacing. It may spiral out of control as a partner embarks on too many risks or cause problems from poor judgement from living in the moment. Feeling constrained or irritable can mean a lack of harmony. There may be a lack of security owing to many house moves.

Jupiter positive Uranus

This aspect suggests a mutually lucky exchange in this solid relationship. There will be opportunities for travel and adventure with a confident partner who will arrange things well. Original ideas will add spice.

Saturn negative Uranus

This aspect can cause tension, as compromise becomes an issue. There may be opposition caused by stubbornness and restlessness. Problems could arise through unreliable parent issues or feelings of being confined. There could be deep emotions but one partner may try to sabotage.

Saturn conjunct Uranus

This helps to drive the relationship and inspire persistence even though one partner may feel torn between both freedom and security. Unstable past family life may contribute to this. However, dreams can turn into reality in this relationship through a contribution of hard work and vision.

Saturn positive Uranus

This aspect suggests a determined desire to make this relationship work through practical and patient hard work. Learning from one another can be possible particularly as there will be some very forward ideas offered.

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Uranus conjunct Neptune

This aspect can bring personal confusion or confidence problems into a relationship. Partners may feel expectations are unrealistic. There may be too much emphasis on romance and not enough on the reality. Hidden talents maybe inspired, but be wary of drug or alcohol issues.

Uranus conjunct Pluto

This aspect may bring a desire to be released from this relationship by a partner who feels restrained. Impulsive actions may cause strain and the relationship will provide learning hard curves. There may be trouble discovering if this can actually lead to anything more permanent.

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