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Aspects to the Sun In Love Astrology

Updated: May 10

The Sun

Sun conjunct Moon

Relationship Version: This relationship can suffer from one partner being stubborn or close minded. Although on the positive side emotional responses and instincts are on target. This aspect adds extra energy to the relationship but cautions against either partner becoming too self-absorbed. This relationship has strong potential for success and is likely to be family orientated.

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Sun positive Moon

This aspect suggests a relationship that will have increased energy available to grow and will attract many opportunities to share. The relationship should enjoy good emotional balance and it is indicated that you are both happy and healthy. A shared sense of optimism and good instincts are suggested. There should be good harmony and enjoyment with your family life. The romance aspects of the relationship are highly favoured.

Sun squared Moon

This aspect indicates there may be some conflict as one or both may feel dissatisfied with deciding what is really wanted out of life. The relationship may be under threat of sabotage from one partner whose restlessness and need of constant change is related to past parental conflicts. Problems connecting with others on an emotional level may need to be addressed.

Sun opposite Moon

This aspect indicates there maybe challenges ahead in the relationship as each person tries to define their needs whilst blending with the other. Two opposing directions can cause conflict and difficulty in decision-making, making it difficult to find a peaceful pathway to a contented relationship. It may necessary to avoid criticism of the other’s habits.

Sun conjunct Mercury

This aspect suggests the relationship will share a fine mental and creative communication and should be filled with good humor and plenty of talking!

Exchanging ideas and learning together will be easy. There is potential for a good business partnership as well but will need care in defining goals and overcoming impatience.

Sun conjunct Venus

This aspect indicates a warm and fulfilling relationship, with each partner bringing out the best in the other. A good sense of harmony draws others to you both and attracts good fortune. A shared love of people provides a “guardian angel” placement to help in avoiding accident or illness. There is a need to encourage each other not to procrastinate in order to take advantage of the many enjoyments, including a love of family, awaiting this relationship.

Sun conjunct Mars

This aspect indicates a vibrant and adventurous relationship. It may also come with highly charged arguments due to competitive natures, but there will also be plenty of passion. You will share a love of sport, technology and may be involved in the armed forces with natural leadership success. Care is needed to remain sensitive to the other’s personal ‘buttons’ as the flare-ups could be draining. However, you both will enjoy an outgoing social life together.

Sun negative Mars

This aspect indicates an often intense and highly sexually charged relationship. Great care is needed to avoid a clashing of temperaments, which could lead to aggression. Stress may add extra pressure to the relationships with each being highly ambitious and often successful. However, if the combined vibrant energy is positive, it can provide a very fulfilling relationship.

Sun positive Mars

This aspect indicates a well-balanced relationship that could go the distance. There will be a good sense of adventure, including in sexual connections, and patient support between each other. However, each will allow the other ‘room to move’ and enjoy their career successes that come from being hard-working and focused. This relationship should also attract good luck from males.

Sun positive Jupiter

This aspect indicates a very blessed and lucky relationship indeed. Each will have found the right optimistic partner to enjoy a happy and contented life. There could be travel financial success and good health all the way.

Sun conjunct Jupiter

This aspect indicates an extremely glamorous and luxurious lifestyle for this lucky couple. A long life together is indicated with plenty of carefree travel. However, you both may need to take care not to overindulge, which could result in weight or liver problems! An optimistic approach to life shields against accidents and will most likely attract good luck from males.

Sun negative Jupiter

This aspect indicates a relationship that needs to proceed with care and not allow one person to become over-indulgent, reckless or gamble. However, if not too much is expected from each other, it can also be filled with consideration and kindness, and shared travel experiences.

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Sun conjunct Saturn

This aspect suggests a relationship with a strong focus on hard work and finances. There may be a need to add a more lighthearted approach to the relationship as it could become dragged down by one partner’s desire to follow a strict upbringing and with a risk of overwork. However, as time moves on, a more relaxed and easier life will be enjoyed together.

Sun positive Saturn

This aspect suggests a solid and stable relationship. Goals will be achieved and you will be able to trust each other. Although rewards may come later in life, you will both enjoy good health and deep sense of achievement.

Sun negative Saturn

This aspect suggests a sense of guilt and strain may invade the relationship as one partner may have had a few past issues with parents o r love life. There may be an issue with control and not enough room for equal giving as one partner may be too self-sacrificing.

Sun conjunct Uranus

This aspect indicates a relationship that is not based on conservative outlooks! There will be a sense of freedom and both partners will explore original career pathways, which will add an exciting and never boring dimension to the relationship. There maybe a few trust and commitment issues to overcome.

Sun negative Uranus

This aspect suggests a relationship that will thrive on extreme adrenalin. Breaking rules and seeking relief from boring routines will add fire. However, trust issues may arise and discipline may be needed to bring everything back into focus to bring a closeness.

Sun positive Uranus

This aspect indicates a very original and creative relationship. The focus will be on enjoying life without being tied to the shackles of convention. You will enjoy exploring and setting trends together and will attract many friends to your home. A happy marriage between like-minded free spirits is anticipated.

Sun conjunct Neptune

This placement suggests a relationship based on a rather dreamy and gentle combination. You both may find reality a little harsh and escape together beside water or, if care is not taken, into an addictive pastime. You will spend a lot of time together in the home rather than risk aggressive social interactions. Together you may need to learn to be a little more practical, but your creative skills will bring great pleasure to your both.

Sun negative Neptune

This aspect suggests a relationship that could experience extreme highs and lows. Care needs to be taken to set positive goals and not let each other be dragged down by mutual low self esteem. There may have been parental drug or alcohol issues, which need to be addressed to avoid being handed on down into the relationship. Calm times beside water and enjoying music and creative activities will help this relationship strengthen.

Sun positive Neptune

This aspect suggests a meeting of creative and gentle soul-spirits - loved by many. They will have to ensure they allow time for the relationship, as there will be a tendency to take on too much work. Astrology may feature as a combined interest.

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Sun positive Pluto

This aspect indicates a very striking partnership that can results in great life successes together. There will be confidence to make positive changes and to work out problems. This relationship has the ability to be a powerful life force that could bring great change to the world.

Sun negative Pluto

This aspect can indicate a very stormy relationship. Extreme care is needed to prevent it spiraling down into negative behavior, which can include violence, sexual abuse, and obsessive behavior. However, if the intensity is channeled well, the relationship could survive all that life puts in its way.

Sun conjunct Pluto

This placement indicates a strong and sexy relationship. Care is needed to not allow control issues to dominate. A sensitive approach to a childhood complex may be needed but there is a strong sense of survival in this relationship.

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