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Aspects to the Moon in Love Astrology

Updated: May 10


Positive aspects are Trine and Sextiles; Negative aspects are Square or Opposition unless otherwise stated for the purpose of this interpretation.

Moon conjunct Sun

This aspect suggests a compatible and successful relationship with strong family values. Care is needed to avoid a strong ambition overwhelming the flow of romance. However, there will be great success on many levels enjoyed here.

Moon positive Sun

This aspect suggests a well-balanced and happy relationship. Many positive family influences will be brought in and a family focus will be happily embraced.

Moon square Sun

This aspect indicates there may be some conflict as one or both may feel dissatisfied with deciding what is really wanted out of life. The relationship may be under threat of sabotage from one partner whose restlessness and need of constant change is related to past parental conflicts. Problems connecting with others on an emotional level may need to be addressed.

Moon opposite Sun

This aspect indicates there maybe challenges ahead in the relationship as each person tries to define their needs whilst blending with the other. Two opposing directions can cause conflict and difficulty in decision-making, making it difficult to find a peaceful pathway to a contented relationship. It may necessary to avoid criticism of the other’s habits.

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Moon conjunct Venus

This aspect suggests a romantic and indulgent relationship filled with passion and a dedication to love. Care is needed to control spending in the name of pleasure and love!

Loyalty and devotion will play a big part in maintaining this delightful relationship.

Moon positive Venus

This aspect indicates all the romance and pleasure of a perfect relationship. Expect lavish affection and romantic settings. Natural exchanges of love will make this an easy and comfortable relationship.

Moon negative Venus

This placement suggests a relationship that may start with great declarations of love but may falter when high expectations are not met. Emotional commitment may be sidetracked when one partner descends into a moody space or becomes flirty. There is a risk that blaming a family member’s childhood control may prevent a commitment being made here.

Moon conjunct Mercury

This aspect suggests a vibrant and intelligent relationship. Feelings will be expressed and lines of communication will be open to provide a positive base for an easy exchange of needs and thoughts. There will be plenty of variety and creativity to keep this relationship alive.

Moon positive Mercury

This placement suggests a positive and fun relationship. Logical resolutions will be found if issues threaten. A happy family life can be anticipated

Moon negative Mercury

This placement suggests a moody and difficult relationship, as one partner may be prone to communication and confidence problems. Nagging or a sarcastic attitude could provide further negative aspects.

Moon conjunct Mars

This aspect suggests a passionate and sexy relationship with quite a few highs and lows. There will be plenty of adventures to share but a partner’s tendency to impatience may place a strain.

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Moon positive Mars

This aspect adds a positive and strong sense of attraction. Feelings will be at the forefront and the relationship will have a few ups and downs as they get hurt or stroked. Activities such as sport will play a positive role. A reliable and courageous partner will keep this relationship vibrant and passionate.

Moon negative Mars

This aspect can indicate a roller coaster relationship with emotional outbursts offset with great passion. Care needs to taken to keep a balance, as there is a tendency for aggression to dampen any loving feelings.

Moon conjunct Jupiter

This aspect suggests a happy and lucky relationship. It may attract very positive financial gain and will provide for a fun and amusing life.

Moon negative Jupiter

This placement suggests a relationship with dramatic overtones due to a parental influence. There may also be a tendency for one partner to be stuck in their ways. Intellectual stimulation will be important and there will be plenty of excitement.

Moon positive Jupiter

This aspect suggests a well-balanced and lucky relationship. It offers an easy-going and abundant life with opportunities for travel and sharing a life together in a foreign country.

Moon conjunct Uranus

This placement adds restlessness to relationships. Commitment issues are likely to feature. However, it seems to promise adventure and new experiences.

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Moon negative Uranus

This aspect indicates a relationship filled with twists and turns that will leave both partners wondering what sort of emotional roller coaster they are on! It will not be bound by convention and one partner may be left breathless trying to keep up with the other’s need for adrenalin. Unfortunately, moods and tension may make this relationship stay on a downturn.

Moon positive Uranus

This placement suggests a relationship filled with lots of adventure with life on the move. Good emotional understanding can be expected

Moon conjunct Neptune

This aspect suggests a relationship based on feelings and sensitive emotions. It may require care around drug or alcohol issues. A shared sense of creativity and dreams will help. Generosity and kindness will be key features to offset too much emotion.

Moon positive Neptune

This aspect indicates a dreamy and sensitive relationship. Peaceful waters and avoidance of aggression make this a delightful romance.

Moon negative Neptune

This aspect indicates a relationship that tends to drift along, with one partner trying to avoid confrontation. This could be the result of childhood health problems or even parents with drug or alcohol issues.

Moon conjunct Pluto

Sometimes this placement can bring hardship into a relationship because of past problems with family. One partner being overprotective yet having left home early. There maybe dominance or jealousy. Also a past relationship may block. This relationship is indicated to have intense highs and low, lows.

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Moon negative Pluto

This aspect indicates a fairly difficult relationship with secrets and power struggles. Emotions maybe confused due to a partner’s attachment to a parent, which may result in outburst of confusing anger. This can then be offset by declarations of deep love.

Moon positive Pluto

This aspect suggests a deep and emotionally strong relationship. It will be filled with warmth and consideration. Great parents will likely emerge from this relationship.

Moon conjunct Saturn

This placement suggests a well-constructed relationship that favours routine and common sense. There may be some inferiority issues and shyness but these could be overcome by one partner learning to express their feelings.

Moon negative Saturn

This placement can indicate a relationship oppressed by negative or depressive attitudes. Fear may also dominate this relationship. due to one partner’s imbalanced relationship with parents. Time may improve happiness here as emotions become more free.

Moon positive Saturn

This indicates a practical and realistic relationship. Care needs to be taken that feelings and emotions are not too restricted. It is indicated that traditional values play an important role.

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