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Aspects to Saturn in the Astrological Relationship Chart Interpretations

Updated: May 10


Sun conjunct Saturn

This aspect suggests a relationship with a strong focus on hard work and finances. There may be a need to add a more lighthearted approach to the relationship as it could become dragged down by one partner’s desire to follow a strict upbringing and with a risk of overwork. However, as time moves on, a more relaxed and easier life will be enjoyed together.

Sun positive Saturn

This aspect suggests a solid and stable relationship. Goals will be achieved and you will be able to trust each other. Although rewards may come later in life, you will both enjoy good health and deep sense of achievement.

Sun negative Saturn

This aspect suggests a sense of guilt and strain may invade the relationship as one partner may have had a few past issues with parents or love life. There may be an issue with control and not enough room for equal giving as one partner may be too self-sacrificing.

Moon conjunct Saturn

This placement suggests a well-constructed relationship that favours routine and common sense. There may be some inferiority issues and shyness but these could be overcome by one partner learning to express their feelings.

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Moon negative Saturn

This placement can indicate a relationship oppressed by negative or depressive attitudes. Fear may also dominate this relationship. due to one partner’s imbalanced relationship with parents. Time may improve happiness here as emotions become more free.

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Moon positive Saturn

This indicates a practical and realistic relationship. Care needs to be taken that feelings and emotions are not too restricted. It is indicated that traditional values play an important role.

Mercury positive Saturn

This aspect indicates the potential for a stable and successful relationship. A steady focus, hard work and an inclusion of higher education could provide solid material rewards to make life comfortable together. Understanding may be needed to overcome the long hours that may impact. A sensitive approach should help overcome any small insecurities.

Mercury negative Saturn

This aspect suggests some communication problems that will need sensitive attention. One partner may even suffer from severe nervous or depressive issues that could result in a speech impediment. Unfortunately hard work may be the key word in this relationship to get to the worthwhile attributes.

Mercury conjunct Saturn

This aspect indicates a relationship that can become too caught up in logic and caution. While these are positive traits, they can bring too much worry. A lighter attitude may be needed at times to avid depression. However, individual or joint dreams can come true because a practical and organisational attitude will be present.

Venus conjunct Saturn

This aspect may result in communication and sexual weaknesses. It will require a mature understanding of problems. However, it indicates there is also great potential that these can be overcome because of patience and loyalty.

Venus positive Saturn

This aspect indicates a very powerful and committed relationship. Responsibility and loyalty will be high priority resulting in long term marriages There maybe early financial struggles but the ability to overcome will help the relationship enjoy financial security later on.

Venus negative Saturn

This aspect can indicate a relationship fraught with difficult personal attitudes towards romance. Fear of rejection or loneliness may cause one partner to just accept a relationship out of duty rather than give themselves fully. A partner may be needed with a more mature and sensitive attitude to make this relationship work. There may be problems with pregnancy.

Mars conjunct Saturn

This aspect can add a positive way of keeping control of things in a relationship. One partner, who may have issues with delay or a father, may become angry without this control. However, teamwork and good problem solving skills will help to keep a calmer relationship. Any adversities will be handled with strength and bravery and will help overcome any problems threatening the romance. This aspect indicates success in sports or performing arts.

Mars positive Saturn

This aspect adds a strong forward motion to a relationship. Goals will receive strong support and leadership skills and attention to detail will help provide success for both. A balanced temperament will help keep this relationship on track. Strengths and weakness will be likely be well complimented with each motivating the other in areas needed. This relationship has the possibility of been helpful to both.

Mars negative Saturn

This aspect can spin this relationship off course. A lack of self-control may cause goals to be sidetracked and blame to be thrown at the other. Moods may cause poor harmony and frustration at failing to resolve things will bring pressure. Outside problems with authority may add to the woes.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn

This aspect suggests a commitment to work hard at keeping this relationship strong. Big plans may be made but the enthusiasm may fluctuate, so care will be needed to stay supportive and encouraging. Success will come eventually to one or both and the relationship will benefit. One partner may suffer from allergies.

Jupiter positive Saturn

This aspect adds responsibility into the relationship giving it a sense of stability. It may be leaning to a traditional one with an avoidance of unstable emotional outbursts.

Jupiter negative Saturn

This aspect could bring discontent, resulting in bitterness if things don’t go well. There is a desire to keep things stable and traditional without emotional outbursts. It will be well organised but a partner may bring things down by being gloomy. There may be trouble with starting a family.

Saturn conjunct Uranus

This helps to drive the relationship and inspire persistence even though one partner may feel torn between both freedom and security. Unstable past family life may contribute to this. However, dreams can turn into reality in this relationship through a contribution of hard work and vision.

Saturn positive Uranus

This aspect suggests a determined desire to make this relationship work through practical and patient hard work. Learning from one another can be possible particularly as there will be some very forward ideas offered.

Saturn negative Uranus

This aspect can cause tension, as compromise becomes an issue. There may be opposition caused by stubbornness and restlessness. Problems could arise through unreliable parent issues or feelings of being confined. There could be deep emotions but one partner may try to sabotage.

Saturn conjunct Neptune

This aspect adds a sense of idealism and practicality to a relationship. It suggests the ability to tackle issues before they get out of hand, even if the problem-solver is causing them through moodiness. Odd or absent parent issues may impact. There maybe less material emphasis and more on romance. Discipline with money should ensure peace in this area. Creative pursuits can bring shared pleasures and rewards.

Saturn positive Neptune

This aspect adds a sense of responsibility and idealism around a relationship. Getting things in order and making them happen will be influenced. Reality and honesty will allow a more transparent relationship if both cooperate.

Saturn negative Neptune

This aspect can suggest insecurity or fear of failing. It may make the relationship struggle under the heaviness of emotional issues such as guilt and a holding back of emotions. Deception could be presence and money may be lost if one partner succumbs to scams. Influence from a parent’s drug or alcohol issues could impact.

Saturn conjunct Pluto

This could result in tension from hard to break habits or guilt issues. Commitment is strong but care needs to taken that one partner is not too dominating. Deep feelings will run strong but so will hidden secrets. A self-sacrificing attitude for love may be present.

Saturn positive Pluto

This aspect indicates where things may have been uncertain in a relationship, there will now be a sense of control and a desire to understand more deeply. The relationship may explore astrology for its impact of the partnership. Strong will power and a responsible approach will allow progress, particularly as compromises can be reached.

Saturn negative Pluto

This aspect can bring problems from compulsive behaviour and the consequences to the harmony in a relationship. Obsessive and workaholic patterns may stifle a free spirited partner. The relationship may stall and too many sacrifices may leave loved ones feeling guilty. This aspect can bring a difficult time into a relationship.

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