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Aspects to Mars in Love Astrology

Updated: May 10


Sun conjunct Mars

This aspect indicates a vibrant and adventurous relationship. It may also come with highly charged arguments due to competitive natures, but there will also be plenty of passion. You will share a love of sport, technology and may be involved in the armed forces with natural leadership success. Care is needed to remain sensitive to the other’s personal ‘buttons’ as the flare-ups could be draining. However, you both will enjoy an outgoing social life together.

Sun negative Mars

This aspect indicates an often intense and highly sexually charged relationship. Great care is needed to avoid a clashing of temperaments, which could lead to aggression. Stress may add extra pressure to the relationships with each being highly ambitious and often successful. However, if the combined vibrant energy is positive, it can provide a very fulfilling relationship.

Sun positive Mars:

This aspect indicates a well-balanced relationship that could go the distance. There will be a good sense of adventure, including in sexual connections, and patient support between each other. However, each will allow the other ‘room to move’ and enjoy their career successes that come from being hard-working and focused. This relationship should also attract good luck from males.

Moon conjunct Mars

This aspect suggests a passionate and sexy relationship with quite a few highs and lows. There will be plenty of adventures to share but a partner’s tendency to impatience may place a strain.

Moon positive Mars

This aspect adds a positive and strong sense of attraction. Feelings will be at the forefront and the relationship will have a few ups and downs as they get hurt or stroked. Activities such as sport will play a positive role. A reliable and courageous partner will keep this relationship vibrant and passionate.

Moon negative Mars

This aspect can indicate a roller coaster relationship with emotional outbursts offset with great passion. Care needs to taken to keep a balance, as there is a tendency for aggression to dampen any loving feelings.

Mercury conjunct Mars

This aspect suggest a rather stormy relationship at times, particularly if one partner is tends to follow their own path too rigorously or hold onto grudges. Good communication skills between both will help steer this relationship to an interesting and adventurous pathway.

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Mercury negative Mars

This aspect indicates a careful approach to ensure peace and harmony remains important and is not sidetracked by one partner’s impetuous actions. Any criticism or sarcasm should be quickly put down before it impacts in a negative way. Too much nervous verbal energy needs to be offset with more practical activities.

Mercury positive Mars

This aspect adds plenty of intelligence and enthusiasm if both can keep up with high-pressure job commitments and a craving for new adventures. Creative pursuits, such as writing can add to a shared connection.

Venus conjunct Mars

This aspect adds a very fast and immediate sense of romance to a relationship with caution sometimes thrown to the wind. It may border into a sexual one if care is not take to realise that a real connection maybe underneath all the passion and charisma!

Venus positive Mars

This aspect adds a lively and vibrant energy to a relationship. If both respond to happy flirting and a sexy charisma, a lovely and loving relationship can develop. A young marriage may result with excellent potential for long term success.

Venus negative Mars

These aspects can provide superficial appeal in a relationship but may not translate well into true romance. Confusion about stability or direction can lead to anger and aggression. Money and impulse spending can add another stormy sea to this partnership.

Mars conjunct Jupiter

This aspect can be strong and adds a physical attraction such as good sex appeal between both. It requires strength to keep up with ambitions and good support will benefit rather than trying to go against this. Shared enjoyment is likely with sport or performing arts and fame could be an outcome for one.

Mars positive Jupiter

This aspect adds a positive to a relationship. Teamwork is likely and good support will take this relationship into calm waters. Mutual encouragement of each other’s career aspects are likely to result in success.

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Mars negative Jupiter

This aspect can add strength and energy to a relationship when needed. However, it adds a fine line between support and competitiveness, Too much drive, including a sexual energy, without a sensitive awareness of the other’s need could lead to frustration.

Mars conjunct Saturn

This aspect can add a positive way of keeping control of things in a relationship. One partner, who may have issues with delay or a father, may become angry without this control. However, teamwork and good problem solving skills will help to keep a calmer relationship. Any adversities will be handled with strength and bravery and will help overcome any problems threatening the romance. This aspect indicates success in sports or performing arts.

Mars positive Saturn

This aspect adds a strong forward motion to a relationship. Goals will receive strong support and leadership skills and attention to detail will help provide success for both. A balanced temperament will help keep this relationship on track. Strengths and weakness will be likely be well complimented with each motivating the other in areas needed. This relationship has the possibility of been helpful to both.

Mars negative Saturn

This aspect can spin this relationship off course. A lack of self-control may cause goals to be sidetracked and blame to be thrown at the other. Moods may cause poor harmony and frustration at failing to resolve things will bring pressure. Outside problems with authority may add to the woes.

Mars conjunct Uranus

This aspect adds a dynamic energy to a relationship. It certainly won’t be boring with a tendency to go wild! However, without too much pressure, the relationship can be exciting particularly in exploring sexual ways. Convention won’t be a big part of this relationship and a constant need for excitement will ensure an interesting time.

Mars positive Uranus This aspect suggests impulse and a positive energy. The relationship will be open and inspirational to both. There maybe a clash between commitment and freedom, but the newness of the connection maybe enticing. One partner will inspire the other to live in the moment and not to be so cautious.

Mars negative Uranus

This aspect suggests staying true to your self even when involved. This means this relationship may be up for all sorts of risks and adventures without restraint from the other.

A need for excitement may takeover from attending to projects that should be completed resulting in frustration for the other partner. Care should be taken not to tolerate a bad temper and to request pleasant communication.

Mars conjunct Neptune

This aspect brings romance back into a relationship – often with an impractical disregard for everyday routines. There maybe a sense of unreality as an intensity takes over and care should be taken not to fall for a deceiving partner in the pursuit of happiness at any price. A strong magnetic attraction may help a partner realise their dreams this time by setting goals with more certainty than usual.

Mars negative Neptune

This aspect can bring an unrealistic attitude to a relationship. One person maybe easily deceived, or have serious drug or sexual problems. Low self-esteem may be a negative and hide a true romantic who really responds to honest emotions. Game playing will only serve to add more frustration.

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Mars positive Neptune

This aspect adds a generous and sensitive spirit to a relationship. There will be honesty and delightful romantic sharing of dreams and goals. Understanding and kindness will ensure trust. Positive aspects if connected to creativity will add colour and magic.

Mars conjunct Pluto

This aspect gives a powerful force of attraction. The relationship will be highly energetic and intense. However, this intensity can lead to jealousy and desire for control, possibly because of a partner’s feelings of constant family competitiveness. This may set up a need to compete in the relationship to prove themselves. However, there will also be a determination to make things work,

Mars negative Pluto

This aspect suggests a relationship that may react to the often negative attitude of one partner who withdraws and refuses to communicate. Outbursts may result causing the atmosphere to be one of distrust and violence.

Mars positive Pluto

This aspect indicates great potential to achieve a very strong unity goal. The challenge to keep the relationship alive and sexy will be met with confidence. Any problems will be resolved and not left hanging. There are good aspects here if both are involved in the army, police force or sports. A strong sexual relationship is likely.

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