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Aspects to Jupiter In Love Astrology

Updated: May 10


For the purpose of these interpretations Positive aspects refer to Trines and Sextiles and Negative aspects to Squares and Oppositions.

Sun positive Jupiter

This aspect indicates a very blessed and lucky relationship indeed. Each will have found the right optimistic partner to enjoy a happy and contented life. There could be travel financial success and good health all the way.

Sun conjunct Jupiter

This aspect indicates an extremely glamorous and luxurious lifestyle for this lucky couple. A long life together is indicated with plenty of carefree travel. However, you both may need to take care not to overindulge, which could result in weight or liver problems! An optimistic approach to life shields against accidents and will most likely attract good luck from males.

Sun negative Jupiter

This aspect indicates a relationship that needs to proceed with care and not allow one person to become over-indulgent, reckless or gamble. However, if not too much is expected from each other, it can also be filled with consideration and kindness, and shared travel experiences.

Moon conjunct Jupiter

This aspect suggests a happy and lucky relationship. It may attract very positive financial gain and will provide for a fun and amusing life.

Moon negative Jupiter

This placement suggests a relationship with dramatic overtones due to a parental influence. There may also be a tendency for one partner to be stuck in their ways. Intellectual stimulation will be important and there will be plenty of excitement.

Moon positive Jupiter

This aspect suggests a well-balanced and lucky relationship. It offers an easy-going and abundant life with opportunities for travel and sharing a life together in a foreign country

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

This aspect suggests a stimulating relationship. Travel and foreign languages are indicated. This favours intellectual and well-educated communication. However, care needs to be taken to ensure both stay ‘grounded’ and not get carried away with big ideas or overwork.

Mercury positive Jupiter

This aspect suggests the option of meeting of the minds, as there is good intelligence and suggestion of higher education careers. Strong communications skills will thrive here and there is an air of a successful life and harmonious life together. Care needs to taken that one partner does not allow a stronger personality to overshadow their needs.

Mercury negative Jupiter

This aspect can indicate a roller-coaster ride for a relationship. Lack of attention to detail, and taking on too many projects may cause a few dramas. Care is needed to make sure any ventures are jointly discussed.

Venus conjunct Jupiter

This aspect indicates a lucky and warm relationship. There will be fun and parties, yet a great match with solid loyalty could be expected.

Venus positive Jupiter

This aspect indicates a meeting of the ‘soulmate’ and an easygoing relationship. Friendships and good luck are part of this charming relationship.

Venus negative Jupiter

This aspect can indicate a relationship with some drama and the potential for one partner to be quite deceptive. The relationship will need to combat too much spending and laziness but there will be affection and artistic elements to keep things interesting.

Mars conjunct Jupiter

This aspect can be strong and adds a physical attraction such as good sex appeal between both. It requires strength to keep up with ambitions and good support will benefit rather than trying to go against this. Shared enjoyment is likely with sport or performing arts and fame could be an outcome for one.

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Mars positive Jupiter

This aspect adds a positive to a relationship. Teamwork is likely and good support will take this relationship into calm waters. Mutual encouragement of each other’s career aspects are likely to result in success.

Mars negative Jupiter

This aspect can add strength and energy to a relationship when needed. However, it adds a fine line between support and competitiveness, Too much drive, including a sexual energy, without a sensitive awareness of the other’s need could lead to frustration.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn

This aspect suggests a commitment to work hard at keeping this relationship strong. Big plans may be made but the enthusiasm may fluctuate, so care will be needed to stay supportive and encouraging. Success will come eventually and the relationship will benefit. One partner may suffer from allergies.

Jupiter positive Saturn

This aspect adds responsibility into the relationship giving it a sense of stability. It may be leaning to a traditional one with an avoidance of unstable emotional outbursts.

Jupiter negative Saturn

This aspect could bring discontent resulting in bitterness if things don’t go well. there is a desire to keep things stable and traditional without emotional outbursts. It will be well organised but a partner may bring things down by being gloomy. There may be trouble with starting a family.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus

This aspect indicates an exciting and unrestrained relationship. There will be a desire to challenge boredom and travel will feature, will lucky opportunities occurring at just the right time. It is likely this relationship will involve unusual people and will be open to a more unconventional union.

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Jupiter negative Uranus

This is the aspect of highs and lows coming into a relationship with odd behavior and unrealistic expectations surfacing. It may spiral out of control as a partner embarks on too many risks or cause problems from poor judgement from living in the moment. Feeling constrained or irritable can mean a lack of harmony. There may be a lack of security owing to many house moves.

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Jupiter positive Uranus

This aspect suggests a mutually lucky exchange in this solid relationship. There will be opportunities for travel and adventure with a confident partner who will arrange things well. Original ideas will add spice.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune

This aspect suggests a lucky relationship. A sense of dreaminess may disguise a devoted partner. A love of water may bring shared special times with good humour.

Jupiter positive Neptune

This is a lucky aspect, which adds kindness and a gentle tone to a relationship. Water or the ocean may play a part. There is a element of commitment so strong that sacrifices would be made for love ones. A sense of dreaminess and harmony is likely to make this an easygoing relationship.

Jupiter negative Neptune

This aspect suggested disappointment even if generosity and sympathy are extended to the other partner. There may be confusion from a lack of focus or confidence. There may be a tendency for drug or alcohol issues to arise or odd health problems causing pressure.

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Jupiter conjunct Pluto

This aspect indicates everything is bigger in this relationship. Expect a strong-willed person to take control if allowed. Care is needed not to get too swept away with the grand scheme of things, or to dampen enthusiasm. However, a good sense of right and wrong will keep things sensitive.

Jupiter negative Pluto

This aspect indicates extreme behaviour could be difficult in this relationship. Stubbornness and severe risk taking, including gambling could pound this relationship into the ground if a strong partner does not step in. Money could fly out the door, taking love and romance with it.

Jupiter trine Pluto

This aspect adds integrity and morals to a relationship. It gives it a positive outlook and will be managed with harmony. Sharing new ideas amid good luck will be part of this relationship. Care is needed to dampen a positive outlook.

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