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An Easy Way To Create Small Passive Income

This week you are going to write an eBook. Try not to choke on your drink. I’m serious.

It does not have to be a huge EBook and you have probably already written it.

How much content have you written over the course of your life? Did you keep a diary? Do you keep a journal?

Type it up and call it “The Secret Confessions of a 17 Year Old In A Domestic Violence Relationship” or whatever the theme of your diary was.

You might want to publish under a pen name unless you care that your private moments are on show.

Do you have a blog based on your love of sewing? Collect the blog posts and put them into an eBook. Hell, you can always compile copies of your email correspondence (take care to hide identifying features) and call it “A Year in Emails as a University Graduate”.

The point is you write content every day. You can collect this and reuse it to make money on the side. It probably won’t make you rich although people love reality TV so the whole diary thing could be hot.

My first book was called “Selection Criteria Sucks” and it was a collection of selection criteria I had written over the course of five years. You would be surprised by how many people found it helpful. Turned out loads of people wanted examples of selection criteria so they could write their own. Who knew?

My second book was called the “Get the Job You Love Work Book” and it was a collection of activities I set job seekers in my past role as an Employment Consultant.

Self-publishing has made it super simple and based on the platform you choose it’s usually free to pop your book into the marketplace and see what happens with it.

I’ve published on Lulu, Amazon and Smash Words platforms. In every case I only paid money when I sold something.

Your challenge this week is to compile a list of all your content, correspondence and writing and put it all together into an eBook which you will upload to a platform of your choice.

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