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15 Ways Your Love of Astrology Could Be Making You Money

Updated: Mar 11

15 Ways Your Love of Astrology Could Be Making You Money

I’m about to share with you 15 ways you could be earning money from your love of astrology. As many of you know, I am OBSESSED with Astrology. What started as a major hobby as a 12 year old, turned into paid work when I wrote the columns for several publications and provided bespoke birth charts for private clients. I also authored two books on the subject. One which taught readers how to read and interpret their own birth chart and one which taught readers to read and interpret their relationships charts for compatibility. Today I'm here to share what I learnt through this process. Never looked at your birth chart before? You can get a free and easy one from Astrodienst.

1. You Tube Videos – This isn’t the easiest option. Although it’s super simple to record your astrology information using your IPhone, you need to get loads of traffic before you can start charging advertisers to advertise on your site. Still, it’s possible and there are people out there making money from their astrology You Tube videos.

2. Google Adsence – This is when Google pays you to display other people’s advertisements on your site. It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up for the program and every time someone views one of the advertisements or clicks on it, you get paid. Of course you need a site to start with (these are super simple to create using Webs). You need a lot of traffic to make serious money out of this but it’s free money that doesn’t cost you anything.

3. Online Readings – The number one way most people with a love of astrology earn their $$$ is to do readings for people. With the internet boom it’s now possible to do face to face readings over your laptop using Skype or most recently Google Hangouts. Considering most readings cost between $50-$150 you can see why this trend is really starting to cracking.

4. Markets – For those of you who are technically challenged, you may wish to provide readings the old fashioned way. It’s super simple to set up a stall at the local markets, festivals or community events and provide readings for people on the fly. Now that our phones have access to the internet you can easily obtain a person’s astrological chart in a matter of minutes.

5. Phone Readings – Another option for those of you who aren’t ready to take the big leap into technology is to put up flyers on community noticeboards offering phone readings. You can easily invoice your customers before the reading for payment using PayPal and conduct the entire reading from anywhere you have mobile phone access.

6. Psychic Fairs – Although you don’t need to be psychic to practice astrology many people don’t realize the difference so you can easily set up at these fairs and charge for your astrology readings. As per the market idea, you will need access to the internet to obtain the person’s chart.

7. Writing – If you are a keen writer and you don’t mind low pay and tight deadlines it’s possible to obtain a paid position writing for local newspapers and other publications. You can write astrology articles but most publications will want you to write daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes. This is very time consuming and it’s rare to be paid very much but it’s a start and can help direct more visitors to your website etc

8. Astrology Products – You can spin off to other astrology products. For example if you are an artist you can paint your own interpretation of the zodiac and sell the paintings. You may order in astrology necklaces from cheap places like China to resell at the local markets or you might make your own line of astrology jewelry.

9. Affiliate Products – It’s possible to become an affiliate for a larger astrology service. If you do a Google search for Astrology Affiliate you will turn up a few options. Usually to use this method you start a blog where you write and share your love of astrology with others. You mention the affiliate product in your post and if your reader buys the product or service using your link, you get up to 50% of the money earned.

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10. Teaching – If you don’t mind speaking in front of a crowd you can run workshops at your local spiritual shops, community halls etc. You can teach the general public how to read their own birth chart, the history of astrology or anything else astrology related that people might like to learn.

11. Astrology Parties’ – Some community events and even 21st birthday parties like to add an astrologer to their event to entertain their guests with their readings. Usually these are light hearted and fun events where you get paid a flat rate to provide readings to the guests for a certain amount of time.

12. Party Plan – Think Tupperware but use astrology instead. Simply ask a friend to host an ‘astrology party’ and invite their friends. You can just provide readings (for a fee) or astrology related products (necklaces etc). Your host gets a free reading for hosting you. At the party let other guests know that they can get a free reading by hosting their own astrology party and repeat the cycle.

13. Open an Astrology Shop – Of course if you are super passionate about astrology you could open an online or brick and mortar store that sells all things related to astrology. Although costly to set up and get started with. If you can see a supply and demand for it in your area and you are ready to go into fully fledged business, it could be an option.

14. Tutoring – If you get really great at astrology you could take on private astrology students to tutor in Astrology for a fee.

15. Specializing – Most astrologers eventually choose to specialize in a certain area. Some focus on career, others on pinpointing the best times for businesses to make a move, some just read birth charts, some specialize in future forecasts. The one thing you can be certain of with astrology is that you will never learn everything you want to know about it in one lifetime.

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