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One Years’ Worth of ‘DONE FOR YOU’ Social Media and Email Marketing Content To Start or Expand Your Astrology Business.


How To Save 39 Business Days This Year

Or 312 Hours Of Your Time

Recent research has shown that most Astrologers spend at least six hours a week managing social media. That’s 312 hours per year or 39 business days. That means you are spending over a month, every single year, putting together your social media posts and email marketing. The research showed us three other key points:

Most Astrologers want to spend less time putting their social media and email marketing together and more time servicing their clients but feel like they must spend all this time putting together social media posts to get the clients.

Most Astrologers complain that the bulk of their time on social media is researching and creating the content needed.

Email marketing campaigns generate an average of $42 for every $1 spent so you absolutely must have a mailing list and take time to create an email campaign every week.

Imagine what you could do with an additional 39 business days per year? Service more clients? Work on more creative projects. Spend more time making money? Spend more time on your family or your health and fitness goals? Actually, take that holiday?

This is where I can help. I’ve created all the content you need for a whole years’ worth of marketing.  No more researching what you want to write, no more scratching your head and trying to think up new ideas for your emails, Facebook, Twitter and Insta posts. 

Simply choose the content you want to use from the premade template packs, copy and past it into your email, Facebook post, Insta Image or Twitter and your content is ready to go.

Giving you an extra 39 business days a year to take that holiday, hang out with your kids or spend serving your customer base.

What will use the extra 39 days for? Will you start a new project? Expand operations.

Time is money. Make more of it by freeing up that 312 hour per year to use on something else.


How To SAVE $7800 This Year

How much does it cost to hire someone to create your content for you? The average price depends on how much experience the person has but usually starts at around $25 and hour with the most experienced social media managers charging $100 +.

Even at the lower end of the scale that’s $150 per week or $7800 per year. The ‘Astrology Content Guides’ are only $99.

This gives you thousands of possible combinations for your content, already done for you. All you need to do is copy and paste the content you want to use into the social media platform of your choice and set and forget.

It’s that easy.


Save Even More Time

Do you provide charts and interpretations for your clients?

When I used to write birth and relationship charts for private clients, it used to take me an average of 4 hours to write their chart up.

While reading the chart took mere minutes, writing up the interpretations took up the other 3 hours and forty-five minutes. As a result, I could only service two customers per day which meant my earning capacity was capped.

After spending hours researching and putting together the interpretation guide included in your package, I could simply copy and paste the interpretations in after I read the chart instead of writing every interpretation out manually. This saved me hours of time and allowed me to service more clients and as a result, make more money.

 I’ve included this interpretation guide in your content package and it’s yours to use. By slashing your time by ¾, you can effectively double your earning capacity while still providing the same quality product to your customer.


What Can I Use IT For?

Write Birth and Relationship Charts for your Clients: Need to write a chart for a client? Simply copy and past the content from the readymade swipe files into my template and your client’s own chart is ready to go. No more writing for you. Simply read their chart and copy and past the interpretation straight in.

Create social media content: I get it. I’ve been in business for 10+ years and researching and creating the content for your Facebook and Insta posts is the most time-consuming part. Not Anymore! Use the information from the Astrology Templates to quickly pull together for your social media posts. No more trying to work out what to write, just copy and paste the content that you like.

Create email content: After social media, the next most time-consuming part of your business is almost certainly the weekly emails to your fanbase. Use these astrology templates to quickly create emails for your audience. Just choose the information you like and hey presto – your weekly newsletter for the year is done already.


How Does It Work?

You will receive an instant link to download the content to your computer. Once you have purchased the content it’s yours to do with, what you like. Create social media posts, write emails to your subscribers, or create birth and relationship charts and guides for your clients.


What's Included?

Over 100+ pages of Birth and Relationship Chart Astrology Interpretations

Make Money with Your Love of Astrology Guide

Client Chart Interpretation Guide for You to Use For Your Own Clients

Easy Video Training & Instructions


About Me

I’m Nic, and prior to my work as a Freelance Writer, I worked as an Astrologer servicing both private clients and wrote the astrology column for multiple publications.

I love Astrology and I love writing and the combination of the two as led to DIY Astrologer Packs for you. The hardest thing when I worked as an Astrologer was to create enough content for my newsletters, social media, and client chart interpretations.

I know how time consuming it is, so I’ve made it super simple for you with the creation of these DIY content packs. For one tax deductable expense of $99, you’ll have content for the rest of your astrology career.


What's The Content About?

The content is primarily focused on birth and relationship chart astrology. The content does not include predictive astrology because you can’t pre-write predictive astrology. I’m passionate about the integrity of astrology and if I included predictive astrology content it would be unethical. For this reason, the content focuses on birth and relationship astrology.


Buy Now $99


How Will This Help Me?

By freeing up the time it takes for you to write content, you can save up to $7000 in paying someone to write content and over a month's worth of time in writing the content yourself.


Your clients will be thrilled by the great, informative content you send them. Your competitors will wonder how you can have so much free time on your hands.